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    Question Unanswered: Installing Oracle9i on Solaris 9

    I am a newbie and need to install oracle9i on a solaris 9 box, sun fire v480, with 2 36GB hardrives and a disk array of 5 disks (SunStoredge ...). I will appriciate any help and guidance with the server preparation before installing oracle; mainling with partitioning the disks.

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    Be sure to read the Installation Guide before you install ( ). It contains many pre-requisites that will make your install go easier.

    One hint I can give you is to copy the contents of the three CDs that contain the Database Software to some place on a local disk. Your install will go much smoother than if you install directly off CD.

    You can get a cookbook install guide on metalink that discusses several aspects of an install ( ).

    Another good install resource is at ( ).

    As far as the disk layout is concerned, It kind of depends on the I/O patterns of your database. You definitely want to look at some redundancy, but with only 5 disks your options are limited. You can partition the disks however you want, but your bottleneck will be the physical device and not the LVM. Assuming you have two SCSI controllers, I'd probably setup two mirrored pairs (d0 on controller 0, d0's mirror on controller 1) and one disk for the oracle software and any TEMP space.

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