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    Unanswered: question about IIS Virtual Directory Management for MS SQL server 2000


    I installed the MS SQL Server 2000 trial version in my computer. The Operating System is WinXP. It seems everything is OK, the MSSQLserver is running after I restart the computer.

    Then I tried to create a few virtual directories following these steps:
    Choose start => programs => Microsoft SQL server => Configure SQL XML Support in IIS

    What I can see is the icon " IIS virtual Directory Management for SQL Server" in the left pane, and nothing in the right pane. Is this normal?

    I right clicked the icon, selected the "connect", typed in the computer name as it required. But it showed that an error occurred connecting to the computer. The reason is "this server does not exist or is unavailable". It is quite strange that actually the SQL server is running at this time.

    Is there anybody who can tell me what 's wrong with it? Do I have to do some special configuration?

    Thanks a lot


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    when u see this icon: IIS virtual Directory Management for SQL Server

    click it, at least you should see the computer where the sql server is intalled in right pane. then u can drill down to see the default web site.

    if nothing ... try to connect to the computer ur got sql server installed. make sure u have installed IIS.

    if still cant, dont know whether it has anything to do with the trial version. i am using personal edition, and everything is fine.

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    I made a stupid mistake. I didn't install IIS. :-(

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