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    Unanswered: Restoring to New server

    I have created a new server running sql server 6.5 and I am trying to restore a databasefrm an existing 6.5 server to this new server . I got the master on but I cannot get any of the databases on. First the database was going in suspend mode, then after I resolved that I am getting size errors that I cannot seem to resolve even with expanding the devices.

    What I'm I doing wrong? Did I miss a step? or is there a problem with the server setup?


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    Re: Restoring to New server

    Q1 What I'm I doing wrong?

    A1 Maybe nothing (insufficient information).

    Was the master backup used in the restore to the second server in fact current (assuming the restores (DB Loads) were performed to similar devices on the new server - using similar device orders, sizes and types, as those of the DB devices as they existed on the original server)? If not, some device data may be incorrect (most likely, incomplete). In that case it may be possible to use Disk ReInit for each device on the new server as necessary to address the issue (using the same logical and physical device names is easier if that is the case; however the 2k block size value entered for the size parameter must be the same as the production user devices at the times their backup dumps were taken.). Once complete, run Disk ReFit.

    Q2 Did I miss a step?

    A2 Maybe, maybe not (insufficient information). However, do make sure both servers have:
    similar character set installs (collation),
    similar service pack levels applied,
    similar database device geometries.

    Q3 or is there a problem with the server setup?

    A3 To help rule out some potential issues with the server setup, do a dump and load of Pubs on the new server; if Pubs restores without issues, the basic server configuration is probably not the main issue.

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