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    Unanswered: show array in a textbox

    I made an array (say: arrtest(255,255) as variant) and I want to show a memer of the array in a textbox. I tried:
    =[arrtest(1, 2)]
    in the control source property of the textbox but it didn't work. But using a normal variable like vartest, the same methode;
    is succesfull
    What have I done wrong???

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    i don't play with arrays (it's a database - it comes with these things called tables which are ...arrays) so i'm just guessing here.

    why do you have [] around your array?

    is arrtest in scope (private to the form with the text box, else public)?

    all else fails, set up a function (in scope...) that returns the value of the array member you want.


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    a table may perform alot of the functions that you can do with a 1D array, but an array isn't a table and never will be also a 2D, 3D, OR XD arrays are almost impossible to represent in a table format

    after saying that arrays belong to VB not access, so i would suggest using vb to put the value into a textbox instead of access

    ie txtbox.value = arrtest(1,2)
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