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    Question Unanswered: Connection Through vb6

    GoodDay Everybody,

    Please help me with the following question. I have read questions regarding this issue, but still don't know how to connect !

    I have written a VB6 application to retrieve/update Sybase data. When I installed it in my client's PC it doesn't recognise the DSN that I pointed to.

    I have tried to Install the Open Client thing, and have tested OK with isql. But still when I run my app., it doesn't work !? I think I did have my dsedit

    I supposed I have to run something (which I dunno what) to trigger the DSN on.

    I have also downloaded the Direct Connection, but don't know how to use it ? Have tried installed it, but still doesn't work !?

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    Hiya jmlim,

    Here are few samples for connection strings to ASE

    Using OLE DB Provider for ASE 12/12.5:
    oConn.Open "Provider=Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider;" & _
    "Data source=myASEServer"

    Using ODBC:
    oConn.Open "Driver={SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver};" & _
    "Srvr=myServerName;" & _
    "Uid=myUsername;" & _

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