Hello everyone,

After many years dealing with 8.0.x releases, our dept. is finally moving to a new Sun box, and along with it we will also upgrade to Oracle 9iR2. Looking the specs, I realized that it will have about 200Gb (much more than we need today) free just for the DB stuff - tablespaces and other data files.

As Im not experienced with the 9i DB, Id like to know your opinions
and experiences regarding space distribution - what Im most interested is about the new 9i feature of creating different tablespaces with different block sizes (one with 2k blocks, one with 4k, 8k and so on) - is it worth implementing? Also considering the fact that well use IFS and keep lots of pictures and Word files inside the DB - do they have some extra requirement on the datafiles and tablespaces they will reside?

Your ideas and thoughts will be very welcomed!

Thanks in advance,

Luis Derani