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    Arrow Unanswered: corel wordperfect 10 won't start

    I've been using corel for years now. Using 10 for the past few monts. At first when i installed it everything ran fine on winxp. 2 weeks ago it broke for some reason and when i tried to start it a box would appear telling me this:
    "error loading following files required to start the application"
    The file didn't show up

    Do you want to fix the problem right now?
    nothing happened when i prassed either.

    When i reinstalled windows and the program again the same problem came up again after a week. I'm not sure why that is but maybe wp10 has conflictions with some other programs. I'm running:
    adobe photoshop
    kazaa lite 2.0.2
    winamp 2.81
    sasami2k - video program
    microsoft powertoys

    the only new programs that i've been using for less than a month or i've been upgrading are probably
    xvid, kazaa and powertoys

    hope someone can help me out. thanks

    also i did see the file that supposidly is the problem. wpwin10.dll i think this happened when i switched users or something. ever since i couldn't replicate for the message to show me the problem just the message above.
    could you please also email me your solution to

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    Cool corel wp10 patch fix

    I have found a patch that fixes the problem of wp10 not being able to start up.

    go to

    there you go and have fun.

    by the way download the smaller patch since that's probably all you will need to fix it.

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    Re: corel wp10 patch fix

    the previous link to the patch no longer exists but i found a new working one so here it is:

    the sp1 patch resolves the missing .DLL error.

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