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    Unanswered: Access XP (DAO) much slower than 97

    We are switching from Microsoft access 97 to access XP and we see that our applications are about 30% slower after conversion. Is this normal?
    Do you have some good tips for me to speed up our applications?
    The main problem seems to occur when we are looping through a large DAO-recordset. Switching to ADO is not a solution because it's even much more slower than DAO.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Even though I don't have a solution here, I'm quite interested in the answer as well. In addition, I would like to know whether somebody has any experience running Access from a server for both XP, 97 users. It does funny things occasionally... Thanks

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    As most of us know, Access97 data API (if i can call it like that) was DAO 3.5

    somebody can say that it means ONLY default REFERENCE, but it is just a drop in the MDB see. Every single form, every single query was accessed using DAO.

    When Access2000 came in, ADO was young and Microsoft did not have a time to change all this. They changed the reference in VBA and that was it. All forms, reports, queries were run using DAO. Believe or not it is true (even Microsoft confirmed this in Office2000 Programmer's Guide Book) and you can dig into form's recordsource and see it.

    And JET 4 really grew and ADO 2.5 is much better than in version 2.1 and Microsoft had some time to work on all forms and reports recordsource...... ADO became finally NATIVE in Access and DAO became unwanted guest.

    on the other side, you have to agree that all listboxes are much faster than in Access2000



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    I don't know whether it is superstitious or a non sequitur, but for what it is worth...

    When converting from 97 I usually made a new database, then import all objects.

    Also in the table properties, changing the 'Subdatasheet Name' from [auto] to [none] will increase the performance.

    Perhaps an update of the jet engine is needed.;Q282010#5
    ACC2002: Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 4.0 Available in Download Center

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