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    Unanswered: New member - question about logrotate.conf


    I am new to the group. I'm starting a class today for Oracle so I'll probably be hanging out here for the rest of the semester!

    I know this is not the best area to post this in but I wondered if someone could tell me where to post a question I have about a logrotate.conf? This file appears in website file manager. My website is on an Apache server.

    I currently use Faststats analyzer software for my website. Recently I've noticed that the date range analyzed is changing. The information from September and October is no longer being reported on. I spoke with my host and we looked at my logrotate.conf file and found that my logs are being zipped once they reach 1 meg in size. There are five zipped files that are being used that recycle.
    My question: I really need to see the traffic to my site during those beginning months. I expect my customers to visit my site on a monthly basis. I can't track things if the logs only span a couple months at a time.
    Should I be doing something with the log data? Export it to a database before it gets zipped up?

    Also, where can I find more info about the logrotate file and how to modify it? It looks like I can "comment" out the compress command but I believe the files would still rotate after 1 meg. I there any way to read the *.gz files (zipped?)

    Hope I'm making sense to someone. Thanks for any help (handholding??)

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