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    Unanswered: Importing a text file into mySQL

    I have a text file which contains info on auto accounting records. I need to import these into mysql, and there will be a new one everyday. I have it set up right now so that the user selects the file in a browse window, and clicks 'send' and that uploads the portion of the text file to the mysql DB. The problem is I am only taking 4 fields out of the text file presently, but my boss says I need all of them for future use.

    The problem is, the text file varies in length depending on the type of auto accounting records it is. For example, col 1-86 are always the same....but, if col 76 contains a 'A' for accounting...the record layout goes from col 87-200. But if col 76 contains a 'S' for statistical, the record layout is from col 87-235...containing totally different information. How would I deal with importing this information into a mysql table? Do I need to create a second table to store the different type of information?

    I presently only take col 25-27, 30-37, and 39. So I never have to deal with the different types of records.

    Thanks for any help\tips I recieve,

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    how about using python or php or whatever to read the file and tokenize it. Then you could check when you reach these variables whether you need to read 5 or 15 colums more. After that it΄s just a case of having a connection to mysql so that you can insert the data. Hope this makes some sense to you

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