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    Unanswered: Visual Basic application login to remote database server

    I am using Informix Dynamic Server 7.31 on a Siemens machine at a remote office. The remote office is link with my central office through routers and digital leased line with a backup ISDN line. The ISDN line will take-over the leased line when the leased line failed to function. Typically, it will take less than a minute for the ISDN line to replace the leased line as the primary line.
    Using MS Visual Basic, I have developed an application that logs in to the remote machine database. My application is running on a Windows-based computer and it works fine.
    The problem - when the leased line breaks down and the ISDN line begins to take over, my application will terminate and Dr. Watson message will appear. It seems to me, the problem happens because there is a delay for the ISDN to take over and the delay causes the application to terminate.
    Is there somthing that I can tune in my VB application or the Informix server to be able to handle telecommunication line problem better?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you test whether the connection is active in your visual basic program?
    You could check what happens if you f.ex. unplug your windows machine from the network what error it generates on the ODBC level.
    You could then test in your application for that error code and then reconnect.

    If that doesn't work, trace the connection with sqlidebug to find out why VB crashes with Dr Watson.

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    MS VB application will generate error whenever network problem occurs/database down while db connection are active.

    It depends on the ODBC driver and logic of your application how to handle this situation.

    Did you try to inactivate your db connection?
    In VB you can active or inactive your db connections. Try it out it may minimize the frequency of same error.
    Only activate your db connection before update (insert, delete and update) and query/refresh the data.

    What is your strategy to trap the error?
    Are you using ON ERROR GOTO.... statement in your functions/subs?


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