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    Unanswered: Extended Column Names in IDS 9.20

    I have just installed IDS 9.20.UC1 on Linux Redhat 6.2 and have a problem with the extended column names.
    Although the database supports column names > 18 characters, only the first 18 chars are appearing when an sql INFO is done. Also, Informix 4gl is only seeing the 1st 18 chars, and reports any 'long' names as a 4335 error (column not in database). You can query the column however (ie select a_very_long_column_name_from_a_table FROM a_table works fine).
    I have installed 9.20 on other redhat 6.2 boxes without any problem at all (the long column names usually come up with a + sign after the 18th character). Any ideas as to what I've done wrong??


    PS it would appear that dbaccess works ok with the columns and shows the + sign after the 18th column, it is just isql and the 4gl that are having the problem. Is it any thing to do with the C libraries in use and the version of glibc?
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    The problem appears to be in the release of the Informix tools. The toolset that had the error was 7.30.UC1. I installed 7.30.UC7 over the top and the problem has disappeared.
    I tried reinstalling the UC1 release again, just to prove whether it was an install order problem or not, and the problem reappeared.

    Problem resolved

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