I am trying to build an application deployment package of my Access2000 application. I want to have setup's destination directory that my customer sees when installing the package to be C:\appname. When executing the Package and Deployment Wizard to build the package, when I get to the screen that allows me to specify the Install location for my application, the choices I am given all involve a symbolic name like $(AppPath). If I choose $(AppPath), when Setup runs on the installing computer, the default install location is C:\ProgramFiles\appname, I assume because on the installing system the AppPath symbolic is "C:\Program Files". I would like to use a symbolic like $(Windrive) or $(CDrive) or somesuch so that the default install location is "C:\" followed by my appname. Darned if I can see a way to either say "no prefix", choose from a list, one of which might be the one I want, or even make one up.


bob thompson