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    Unhappy Unanswered: PC will run MDB but not MDE

    I have a client with a machine that will run the MDB version of my database app, but chokes on the MDE. The error message is something like "Microsoft Access can't find the function you've requested." I don't have the exact message because I can't duplicate the error and my users are, well, users.

    I added some error logging to see where it's crashing and it doesn't even create the log file, which is the very first thing it's supposed to do. This leads me to believe it never gets to the actual code. Any ideas?

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    Maybe it's different problem....

    I was getting error "unknow function..." on VBA functions like DMAX....

    the problem is that I had to have the same or newer version of MDAC on PC where I ran the code as on PC where I cerated the code.....

    maybe it is not your issue, but try to install newest MDAC and JET 4 sp .....


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