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    Unanswered: How to open DAT file in MS SQL &.0 Server

    I want to upgrade my MS sql sever 6 to 7.0 version.

    but there is some problem with my database (DAT) files. These type of files are not opens in MSsql 7.0.

    plese tel me how to possible

    Manoj D raturi
    new Delhi

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    If your db size and complexity are not so big, you can use EM to export/import your data to a intermediate and both-versions-available format (like dBase, Text File, etc...) for data transfer.
    You can create scripts with EM for most of your tables, views, SP's, etc... and run them in the new version.
    Check BOL for different behavior at sp level.
    Later you can also check for users, logins and permissions.
    Also DTS (not so shure if SQL6.0 has something like that) and voilà!

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