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    Unanswered: Error 201 during replication

    I'm trying to setup replication between two servers (sql 2000 sp1 and sql 7.0 sp3) in different domains in which one is in it's own workgroup. Anyway, I have them communicating and the replication starts. It gets through 286 actions before the error message below comes up. I'm not sure how many more actions are needed to complete the replication, but I have a feeling I'm close. I will say that the .sch scripts have all run successfully and all the BULK copies finish. This error comes up either during the .idx scripts or at the end of them I'm not sure which. Maybe it's an .idx script that's choking or it's a whole separate issue. Anyway, can anyone help me figure out how to get past this so I can replicate. Thanks.


    Procedure 'sp_addsynctriggers' expects parameter '@primary_key_bitmap', which was not supplied.
    (Source: ORION.RANDOMHOUSE.COM (Data source); Error number: 201)
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