I have developed a program in visual basic that what it does basically is retrieve a field from a table.

This program is supposed to work with many data bases since the query is really simple:

Dim tablaADO As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim result
query = "SELECT logfile FROM History WHERE id =" & id
set tablaADO = Connection.Execute(query)
result = tablaADO("logfile")

I tested this program against MS Access and SQL Server and it worked fine. The logfile field is of type memo in Access and type text in SQL Server. Due to its size ( up to 60k) I guess I'll have to use the Clob data type in Oracle.

The question is: Will the program I have above work properly? (i.e. Will it retrieve in the variable 'result' the contents of the Clob datatype?)

The connection will be set with oraOLEdb.

Any insights, suggestions?