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    Unanswered: Total on report not calculating correctly

    I have set up a db to produce invoices for customers. The fields at the bottom of the invoice display:-

    Vat = [subtotal]*[vatrate]/100
    Total = [subtotal]+[Vat]

    This works on most invoices ok but on some it prouduces errors due to rounding. ie a 69 subtotal gives Vat of 12.07 (based on UK 17.5%) then adds them as 81.08 ie .01p more than the correct amount.

    It is obviously due to the Vat calculation being 12.075 and access rounding the total up.

    How do I rectify this both for the report and my screen display.
    I think I may have seen this problem with vat calculations before but cannot find the relevent article.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I had similar problems with access's rounding. Go here for a custom rounding module:

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