In 1996 I did SQL-7 as one of the components of my Programming/Systems Analysis Diploma at the Institute for Computer Studies, and subsequently branched into web design and webmastering. I also took a starter course as an introduction to perl.

The web side of the IT business has gone down the tubes, and the three "database programmers" I contracted over the last few years to do work for clients were hugely disappointing - none of them delivered so much as a demo page.

So I am looking for a mentor somewhere in the Toronto GTA (I am located at Bathurst and Steeles) to help me re-learn databases - whether SQL, MySQL, ASP, Oracle or something else - in exchange for some free work - whether database programming, web design, webmastering, or something else. It would be immensely useful if the mentor also combined it with PHP or other database-web connection device.

I really need someone to work with one on one because I know I can't make it by myself just reading a book on the subject. I can offer references and provide examples of my own web work.

Please PM me here, or email me at

Thanks in advance for any consideration you can offer...