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    I'm trying to capture images from a logitech (USB) camera. I have not been able to activate the camera from a cmd button. I am creating an ID badge for visitors and want my app to activate the camera, capture the image, and save the image to a location (and name) that I want. I have had no success with the vportal2 reference which is what the software developer's kit from logitech uses. This is one of the last things I need for my app, but I can't use the app until I have this in play. Any Ideas?

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    if the Logitech camera is Twain compatible device you could use this tool.

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    Did you have any luck with this solution? I have been trying to do something very similar, but I have not been able to save the image..only capture and display it. If anyone has used this tool, or anything similar, I would appreciate your advice/expertise.

    Originally posted by dynamictiger
    if the Logitech camera is Twain compatible device you could use this tool.

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    Do you still want to be able to save image using pajantimage tool? if you do, here is how.
    You place PajantImageCtrl ocx control on a form and than use following code:
    Dim bOk As Boolean
    bOk = aImage.TwainAcquire(PJT_TWAINMEMXFER)
    If bOk = True Then
    PajantImageCtrl1.pi.Copy aImage, 0, 0, PJT_ROI Or PJT_TONEWIMAGE
    PajantImageCtrl1.pi.DisplayMode = PJT_SCALETOFITAR
    PajantImageCtrl1.pi.Save "c:\pic.jpg", 0
    End If
    this will display image in the ocx ctrl and save it in "C:\pic.jpeg".
    Good Luck

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