Hello to you all,

I have a little problem regadring backups.

When I execute the onbar -b -w command to perform a level 0 backup, the spaces are backed just file. But then the device status is changed to Mounted, Backup Disbled. When I create new device, only the boot.ini and bootstrap files are written to that device and the backup procedure ends as normal.

I am using the file device and after the backup finishes I have another 10G free space, so space is not the issue here. The databases are 6G in total. When I have labeled the device, I selected 10G as estimate usage of space. But this problem occour even if I left the maximum space blank.

I am using the Nt4 SP6, Informix 7.30 TC7 and ISM 1.1

Any idea will be appreciated,

Marko Erzen