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    Angry Unanswered: List of Audit Events for SQLServer

    The documentation on SQLServer (both books and online) seems to have treated this as a need-to-know item.

    Can someone point me where I should be looking for a complete list of the audit events that SQLServer would spit out.

    The list for Sybase is easily found when you do a search for "audit" but nothing comes up for SQLServer.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: List of Audit Events for SQLServer

    1 If you are looking for additional information on error messages (1 - 21999)?? browse the BOL Contents as follows:

    BOL Contents:
    Error Message Descriptions:
    Resolving System Error Messages:
    Errors 1 - 999
    Errors 21000 - 21999

    2 If interested in c2 audit mode there are MS white papers pertaining to the subject.

    3 If interested in auditing using profiler or traces there is some information on both in BOL and there are MS resources pertaining to both subjects, (however not all trace flags or results are documented to users).

    (Unfortunatly, reference links for 2 & 3 have been moved.)
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