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    Unanswered: really need help!!!

    ok, i've been trying to get some help on this for a while, but i'm not sure if there's just no way or what.

    I have textbox fields named 1,2,3...10 all linked to a table w/ a unique index for each record
    For each record I want to add fields 1 to 10 and display the result in txtbox "result". These fields are in a subform. To avoid typing forms![Mainform].[Subform].form.1 + forms![Main.... etc. ten times, is there a way to use a loop?
    I've had suggestions like forms![Mainform].[Subform].Form!(i)
    but that doesn't work.

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    Its that pesky !, thake it out and should work great. Actaully, I think you're wanting the Controls function instead of the forms.

    use something like

    dim i as integer, val as integer
    i = 0
    for i = 0 to 9
    val = val + forms![Mainform].[Subform].Controls(i)
    next i

    result = val

    If I'm correct, that actually references the index number of the control and not the control's name. I usually name the text boxes something like txt0, txt1 just to be clearer.. if you do that just modify it to Controls("txt" & i) You can reference any part of that control by using the . operator after it too

    The forms() function would be used to do something like:

    Hope that helps!
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    thanks. that sort of helps. is there no way to reference the actual name or value of the field? I don't particularly want to change the names from 1, 2, 3... because they are headers for my datasheet subform.

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