I have been asked to provide a report, on part of which should consist of several ways of synchronising an Ingres database with a DB2 database one. (Ingres -> DB2)

Their schemas are not identical, so during the transfer from the Ingres DB to the DB2 DB it is necessary to alter the data in order for them to comply with the DB2 DB schema.

I have been looking into IBM's DataJoiner and it looks like a viable option. It has a lot of features which will be usefull for other tasks as well (keeping data marts up to date, etc.).

However I need some help with the rest of the options. For example, would it be feasible to ask for an XML document from the Ingres DB, alter it and give it to the DB2 DB?

Does Ingres have triggers for when transactions have been completed so that I can automate this process? What other methods could I use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance