I go to you in order to requesting information that I can guide to carry out an evaluation of the cause that can be causing that the application that is in production is hung, in some cases it is solved requesting all the users that leave the system and in other cases it is necessary to restart the servant.

According to the person's manifestation in charge of the operative support in the company, it happens when they exist people that are modernizing the same registration in concurrent form, what makes me suppose that it is a problem of registration blockade. I am trying to identify which is the chart that this originating the presumed blockades. I would like to know if somebody has an idea of how to determine which is the chart that this being blocked and that user can be blocking the same one. I have knowledge that the as/400 offers you those informations, but I ignore the form of obtaining the information that I need in the atmosphere in which I am working. Please any suggestion, recommendation, criticizes constructive they will be welcome, the objective to medium term is to optimize the application so that the perfomans is good for that the community of users that we have in the company goes growing considerably and the time of answer every time is bigger.

Ahead of time I make arrive my order of excuses for the nuisances caused at the time of expressing my gratefulness to people that have dedicated their time to read my application.

Cordial Greetings

Rubén Troche