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    Unanswered: Help In Debugging And Memory Leaks

    Hi Every One:
    I need some Tips and help in debugging my companys project, which i have been developping since few months now. Well the first thing is that all the debugging options are on in theprojec
    1.(i.e runtime, and all others).
    2-I used Option Explicit to reduce it taking more memory.
    3-I used Error handling in each function of the project.
    4-Plannign to use #(directives) ..............any feedback on that?
    My major concern is that when i open up the project. it eats the whole memory of this computer.
    so MEMORY leaks are one of ma main concerns.
    1-To prevent that i EXPLICITY closed all the database connections
    2-Closed all the recordsets.
    3-Checked all the related columsns datatypes.
    still its not help..........HELP PLEASE..
    Now I have one question ...I thinnk it might be cuz of the arguments of the functions
    well posting one example here
    Public Function getRecipeRipped(recipeItemNo As String)
    Dim SQLStmt As String, curdb As Database, adrs, adrs2 As Recordset
    Dim Form, formname As Form, ItemNoRipped As String
    If ErrorTrapping = True Then
    On Error GoTo err_getRecipeRipped_handler
    End If
    Set curdb = CurrentDb()
    Set Form = Forms![yWorkOrder2].Form
    SQLStmt = "Select * from [Inventory Recipes] where [FinishedProduct]='" & recipeItemNo & "'"
    Set adrs = curdb.OpenRecordset(SQLStmt, dbOpenDynaset)
    While Not adrs.EOF
    Form![Recipe Item Number].Value = adrs![RippedMaterial]
    Set adrs = Nothing
    Set curdb = Nothing
    Exit Function

    MsgBox Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & " " & Err.Source, vbCritical
    Exit Function
    End Function

    iI can seeclearly that RETURN arguments are not declared
    Public Function getRecipeRipped(recipeItemNo As String)
    in this above line................we could have wrote
    Public Function getRecipeRipped(recipeItemNo As String)as string
    but how would i know if i need Integer? string? or other datatype..
    I would appreciate you help.
    mY other concern is also how to trap memory leaks


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    Re: Help In Debugging And Memory Leaks

    Are you sure you mean "Access is taking all the memory" or due you mean all the CPU cycles? If is "CPU cycles", that is normal Access behavior.

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    Re: Help In Debugging And Memory Leaks

    I am pretty positive that access is takign all the modifyingthis software and it worked fine ont the same machine before

    bye [/SIZE][/QUOTE]

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