I hope that you experts out there can help me with a little problem:

I have made an MS Access 97 database for the purpose of tracing bugs throughout one or several project(s). Each bug can have an assigned status, and the database users register in which SW version a bug was found and in which version it was fixed.

The database structure is separated, i.e. there is one MDB file containing the code and several MDB files (one for each product)containing bug data.

In order to help the database administrator, I have made a statistics report. The report contains a bar graph showing the result of a crosstab query (count on status/version)

The problem is, that I want to access the color table of the bar graphs from VBA code. It seems like there are no color properties of the chart object available. The only solution I can think of, is to put the chart in an external Excel sheet instad of as an embedded "Microsoft Graph 97 Chart". I really want to avoid this, if possible.

Is there a way of solving the problem using native MS Access report + VBA functionality?

Best Regards,
David Kaplan

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