I am new to replication . Using SQL Server 2K.

I just started this job and all of a sudden, replication crashed on the server. I'm not a DBA and there really isn't one here. So the developer that was here before me came in and straightened out the main problem. I got a little education there.

So I have some test boxes and want to set up replication in the test environment so that any new 'Builds' I publish that contain DB changes can be thoroughly tested for reoplication before going out to the users.

I have managed to get replication running and it seems OK. Now I have some cleanup issues.

The Publication DB is also the Distribution DB. I am pushing the Subscription. I had tried several scenarios before getting one Publication/Subscription pair to finally work. I had disabled replication after each such failure. This, effectively, should remove all your publications and agents and etc.

When my replication finally started to work, the 2 previous 'failed replications' that I had disabled/deleted mysteriously re-appeared... along with their associated Snapshot agents... all of which constantly show that brilliant, bright RED 'X' on their folders.

Also, on the subscription database, I have had zero success removing the old subscriptions. Nothing seems to work. I know this seems like just a bunch of cleanup stuff... but if I need to do this in Production, I need to know how to clean up.

I've read all the stuff on MSDN... I'm hoping you have the real answers. Thanks for the tip on the forum. I'll go there as well.

Regards, Sorry for being long-winded...