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    Unanswered: SQL Statement Generator For Data Transfer


    We are using VB, COM+ and Oracle Database for Developing a Custom Application for Construction Company. We are using Disconnected Recordsets.

    The DML statements internally generated by the COM+ do all the modification to the database. (we do not have any Explicit SQL statements)

    There is a requirement of TRANSFERING SOME of the Database Tables Data to remote SITE(S) and vice a versa.

    I request all for a solution.

    What I feel is
    - If we have some mechanism to generate SQL statements (Insert/Update/Delete) and store these SQL statements into a Separate table which can be ported at the end of the day and Imported back to Destination database.

    WE DO NOT WANT TO USE export/Import utility. Reason that it will become too heavy due to reason that Oracle Incemental Export means INCLUDE COMPLETE Table even if one record has changed.

    Please Suggest.

    Best Regards
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    Can't you just use the import/export utility of Oracle?
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