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    Unanswered: Act! 2000 to MS Access 2000

    Is there a way to like to the tables in act from access.. When I try to link I get an error

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    Re: Act! 2000 to MS Access 2000

    I assume like means link. In that case, there really isn't. There's export/import, or you could extract data from act in an ODBC manner and push it into an Access record.
    strConnect = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}; SourceType=DBF; SourceDB=C:\ActTestDB; Exclusive=No;"

    You would do a SELECT query from act (SELECT field1, field2... FROM filename WHERE fieldn=value) Where filename is the name of the DBF file.

    Then do an INSERT query into your Access DB (obviously you would need a separate connect string for the Access DB).

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