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    Unanswered: OpenRecordSet - walk me thru it

    I have a front end database (summary of all expense account submissions) with links to tables in 15+- back end files (individual employee expense accounts). All files are in the same common folder on a network. Needless to say, this front end file is becoming very SLOW.

    According to Microsoft:
    "You can greatly enhance performance when opening the main database ... by forcing the linked database to remain open: ... create an empty table in the linked database, link the table in the main database, then use the OpenRecordset method to open the linked table. This prevents the Microsoft Jet database engine from repeatedly opening and closing the linked database and creating and deleting the associated .ldb file."

    How do I do the OpenRecordset method? I have very limited experience with coding, modules, etc. and I need step-by-step instructions on what to code, where to put it, how to activate it, etc.

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    Re: OpenRecordSet - walk me thru it

    Create a dummy table in the backend: Dummy

    Create a global recordset variable in a module on the frontend: Global g_rsDummy As Recordset

    In the open event of the of the form that opens when the frontend opens, put:

    Set g_rsDummy = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Dummy")

    Keep it open throughout the session.

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