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    Unanswered: Push Subscription Connection Fails

    I cannot get internet connection to work for push subscription to transactional publication.

    Publisher/distributor: SQL Server 2000
    Subscriber: SQL Server 2000
    Connection: TCP/IP, SQL Authentication. Works fine from SQLEM or Query Analyzer.
    Subscription: push, transactional, schema/data already initialized.

    When I run distributor agent fails with "The process could not connect to subscriber 'TEST'", error "Server does not exist or access denied".

    Agent output does not give anything more specific. It fails after...
    Connecting to Subscriber 'TEST'
    Connecting to Subscriber 'TEST.REPL'

    Profiler shows nothing happening at all.

    If change subscriber setup on distributor to use trusted connection instead of SQL Auth it works fine.

    Any ideas?

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    OK, so all the replication experts are on vacation this week but I eventually managed to figure it out myself.

    When defining subscribers (through 'distributor properties') use the subscriber TCP/IP address directly and not a server alias like I was doing. Silly Billy!

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