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    Question Unanswered: can objects in sql server change your nt login password

    hi guys,
    i was wondering if there is a bug in sql server 2000 that upon changing settings in the sqlserver agent or sqlserver services that it will actually change your nt user password.
    a strange occurence happened to me i switched the sqlmail to a different outlook profile that is MAPI compliant i had to stop and start the sql server agent upon restart it said it could not log me in b/c my nt logon failed (i guess you can figure out by now that i have authentication as NT in my set up of sql server agent). well me knowing microsoft products i was like ah i will just reboot the machine) well upon reboot my administrator password which is empty "null value"no longer is valid.
    now noone in the company said that they changed the administrator password and it is not logged into a domain so the machine is not on our companys network. we log in local to the machine as the administrator. the last things that i played around in with sql server was replication setting it up as a publisher and deleteing it and changing a mapi profile. is there anywhere in sql 2000 that messing with any setting that it will actually affect your windows nt user login?? i know i cant be loosing my mind here and i hope someone at my company wouldnt sabotage my machine. right now i have two options i can reinstall win 2000 and choose repair hoping that i will not lose my sql 2000 info or i can try a password cracker. any suggestions that might of cause this to happen?

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    of course Microsoft is always providing use with new features, but I doubt this unlikely. What you described sounds exactly as if the user password had been changed at the OS level. The password could have been changed by mistake.
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