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    Unanswered: SQL Server 7 will not except date/time data!!

    I posted about this recently...and I changed my date field in SQL Server 7 to datetime form smalldatetime
    ...but it will not except dates (birthdates in this case) before 01/01/1900...and dates that are within its value range at the higher end (ie: where the year is 9194)

    My field in Access 2000 is formatted mm/dd/yyyy the same as my server!

    While experimenting...I changed all the dates before 1900 to 01/01/1900...and the data transferred fine...and if I changed all the 9194 years to a lower number they transport as well!)

    Any idea why I cannot transport this date which is in the datetime value range of 1-Jan-1753 to 31-Dec-9999?

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    what happens if you run the following code in the db you are working with?

    if object_id('tempdb..psytmp') is not null drop table #psytmp
    create table #psytmp(f1 datetime)
    insert into #psytmp values('31-Dec-9194')
    insert into #psytmp values('31-Dec-9999')
    insert into #psytmp values('01-Jan-1753')
    select * From #psytmp
    drop table #psytmp
    If the dates come out correctly, then I would look at what Access is trying to send, something has to be ill formed. if the above does NOT work, then you have a problem with your install. I will assume you are current on service packs.

    I would run the profiler and see exactly what is coming from Access. Did you have a problem with my last suggestion from your other post?
    Paul Young
    (Knowledge is power! Get some!)

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