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    Question Unanswered: Connecting to Paradox database

    I don't know much about VB but here is what I'm trying to do. This code produces nothing. The web browser will just time out.

    The code below uses a datasource named timereports. I'm 100% sure the datasource works as I've tested some sql statements using winsql.

    I don't care if I need to connect without the data source, I just need to successfully send and retrieve an SQL statement from the database and I can go from there.

    This is a paradox 5.x database, on my K drive in this example.

    Thanks again and the code follows:

    <html><head><Title>Database on the internet</title></head>

    Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    Conn.Open "dsn=TimeReports;" & "UID=master;" & "pwd=master;"

    SQL = "SELECT * from untcard"

    Set RS = Conn.Execute(SQL)

    <table border="1" bgcolor="lightblue">
    <tr><td colspan="2">Here is the data in the table</td></tr>
    ' keep printing out data until EOF
    Do While Not RS.EOF

    <tr> <td><%=rs("TC_EMPNO")%></td>
    Conn.Close %>


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    Have you checked the SQL syntax?

    The case of the tablename, putting ; in the end of the statement, and things like that?
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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