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    Unanswered: Update Database

    I'm using access to create my database instead of MySQL, this is because our site is hosting at web hosting company. Our main database is for keeping our property information which can be edited by our marketting people if there has any sales transaction through a administrator directory, and this data will be reflected on the fly (our web-site) which can be viewed by users.

    Once there has new launching I need to modify the database by creating new table for the new property. Since the file size is big, so it takes time for me to download and upload the database, moreover I need to do backup daily. I'm sure there have many ways of doing it. But, I have no idea as I'm not so familiar with database management.

    What should I do when I download my database for modifying?? Our sale person might don't know that I'm doing modifying, and they might still update the database which is in the host. We have a lot of branches, and there has many sale person involve in updating the sales information of our property, so, there will be a problem for me if I need to call them up.

    How do I know the status of Database, is there any sale person doing updating now??

    I'm not really understand how the Database Server work. What will happen if there are more than one user update the data??

    Please advice!!!

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    Re: Update Database

    Try to create table on the fly itself. use options of creating table on the server without downloading it.

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