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    Unanswered: Impromptu - ASP - ActiveX Can't create Object

    Hi !

    I read a couple of articles without finding the solution ...
    I'm running a report from an ASP page :

    Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim objImpApp
    Dim objImpCat
    Dim objDB
    Dim Mois
    Dim Annee
    Dim Parameters

    Mois = Month(debut)
    Annee = Year(fin)
    Parameters = Mois &"|"&Annee

    Set objImpApp = CreateObject("CognosImpromptu.Application")
    objImpApp.Visible 1
    objImpApp.OpenCatalog "\\Virg\\dev\view\Impromptu\","Auteu r","", "nova","nf", 1
    Set objImpCat = objImpApp.ActiveCatalog
    Set objImpRep = objImpApp.OpenReport("\\Virg\\dev\view\Impromptu\absence" & ".imr",Parameters)
    Set objImpCat = Nothing
    Set objImpApp = Nothing
    End Sub

    This works fine if I visualize my asp page in Visual Interdev !
    But If I use Internet Explorer, I have the error :
    An activeX component can't create the object "CognosImpromptu.Application"

    Any idea ?

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    Is the CognosImpromptu.Application software installed on the server you are viewing your web page through?

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