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    Question Unanswered: How do I word this question...

    I am almost finished with my long drawn out project. One last Question:

    I have a report that lists test questions and 4 multiple choice answers per question.

    The record source for the report is various tables I have that contain hundreds of questions.

    While generating this report... within the detail section... as EACH question is setup, i have included code to make it Insert the variable Correct_Answer into a table.

    Then after the report is generated.. the teacher can print the 2nd report called Correct Answers. Which just lists all the Inserted variables

    NEWAYZ, When I open the 1st report. Then immediatly open the 2nd report (Correct Answers).. it doesn't have any data appended to it yet.

    I have to manually go through each page of my generated report... before it appends anything to the table Correct_Answers.

    EX: If I stop on page 3 of 5.. only the first three pages have appended the correct answers to my table.

    Sounds like the Insert Command in the detail section doesn't work untill focus is given to it. I'm a newbe.. so i have no clue.

    This is a problem. Any way around it?

    Can anyone follow what I am saying. I know it's confusing.


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    Re: How do I word this question...

    "Can anyone follow what I am saying. I know it's confusing. "



    Where is the recordsource for your first Question report coming from?
    And where is the Correct Answer located? Is this in a separate table, or is it a field in the Answers table?

    As I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve, I would not generate the connected Correct Answers table from within any report action.

    Instead if you have the record source for the first report with the 40 or so questions you need, I would run a query based on this first query to fill the temp table with your correct answers.


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