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    Unanswered: converter for MYSQL to other dbs and vice versa

    I am considering writing a sql converter to convert between mysql and sql server or oracle, etc, etc... but my main interest is in the mysql 4 and sql server 7 conversions.

    Is there already something like this out there. surely someone has needed this sort of functionality before.

    any help or a point in the right direction appreciated



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    I'm also interested in this topic but I have more newbie-like questions. I programm in Visual C++ but can't get an idea how to start writting a Win32 application (front-end, conversion, anything else that comes to mind ) for MySQL DB.

    I guess there should be some MySQL API for Win32 already written around? Any good links and points to documentation resources would be much appreciated. Where to start for someone who never have been programming Win32 applications for MySQL DB? (only used PHP as for now)
    Yours faithfully,
    Yaroslav Zaremba

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