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    Question Batch file


    I did this batch file (b.bat) to make backup of some directories of my computer:

    echo *** backup "Outlook Express"
    wzzip -p -r "Backup_Outlook Express" "C:\Documents and Settings\Loas\Configurações locais\Dados de aplicativos\Identities\{CDEF22D7-8EDE-417B-9564-68BA74DF7A13}\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

    But there is an directory that give me a follow error message:

    Warning: name not matched: C:/Documents and Settings/Loas/Configuraþ§es locais/D
    ados de aplicativos/Identities/{CDEF22D7-8EDE-417B-9564-68BA74DF7A13}/Microsoft/
    Outlook Express
    Error: No files were found for this action that match your criteria - nothing to
    do. (Backup_Outlook Express

    If I try run this command in DOS prompt it work fine, but in batch file it gime error.

    The "Configurações locais\" directory is not being read correctly.

    Any idea?


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    Re: Batch file

    maybe it won't help, but if you use Win2k, try to rename b.bat to b.cmd

    bat files are run by and cmd files by cmd.exe (you should always use CMD in Win2k).

    also try WinZip command line add-in (maybe the problem is in your ZIP program and special folder interpretation)


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    Re: Batch file

    Thanks for the help.

    I had tried but it doesn´t work.

    \Configurações locais (used in portuguese language means Local Settings) is not recognized when run by the cmd file. If I use the same command in prompt line, it work.

    The problem is here:

    \Configurações locais <- command line in cmd file
    \Configuraþ§es locais <- the way that the command line is showed

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