Hello, i have problems storing/reading UICODE data from an Access 2000 database via ODBC. The VC++ 6.0 (MFC) application is compiled with the _UNICODE macro. All the requirements to handle UNICODE within the MFC have been followed. eg. TCHAR, CString, lpctstr etc.
CDatabase and CRecordset are used to handle data access.
Language support (MUI traditional chinese) was installed for testing.
Chinese characters can be entered in a dialog box and are stored correct in the underlaying CString class but are not stored to the database and vice versa. Only question marks (?) appear.
Even if i enter chinese characters directly to the database they don't come through to the application.
The installed ODBC drivers (and manager) is version 3.51x and should support UNICODE.

Are there any considerations i have not thought about?
Any tricks, bugs, workarounds ...

I would appreciate your help!

Thank you,
Werner Oberhauser