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Thread: DTS and ASP

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    Unanswered: Dynamic Transformation on an ASP page

    I am developing a webapplication that should allow users to upload their database by means of a textfile and to integrate that data into an sql table. There will be some logic that deletes duplicates and more.

    Trying to make this process as user friendly as possible I would like to allow the user to allocate his fields to the fields in my table.

    Is there a way to utilize the transformations process of DTS on an ASP page?

    Any ideas on how to achieve this would be highly appreciated.

    eWW, Switzerland
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    I have never really done anything like this before and I think you will have one he€#% of a time making it work... and to be honest I don't think it's possible either. The only way I can think of that probably would work is to tell you users what their field-names should be and in what order. But then again, I'm no expert in this area...
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    I wonder, would it be possible to do the actual transformation process outside SQL Server (e.g.) in ASP and to forward the resulting transformation definition by means of parameters to DTS?

    You can probably tell, that I am not really familiar with the actual programming end of SQL and would appreciate any cookbook kind of advice as to how to go about and do that.



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