I'm working with a database that is approx. 130 mb and its taking about 1.5 hours to repair/compact. I know this is way too long so I monitored the file size as it created the new database. I found it hanging on one table which happens to be the largest table. I created an identical table in a clean db and started copying and pasting the rows from the old to the new. The table has around 130,000 rows. I copied 10000 rows at a time and the jetcomped between each copy to try to find the area giving me the problems. Jetcomp flew with no problems until the last 10000...there I waited, again, for at least an hour. I copied those last 10000 rows into another clean table in a clean database. It jetcomped quickly with no problem.

Any ideas why it is hanging on these last 10000 rows if I can put them in a clean table and jetcomp with no problems?

I see no visible corruption in this table at all.

Thanks for any ideas.