Obviously I am quite new at using DTS, but now that I have seen its power I feel like I wanna use it (a lot)...

A little further down I was trying to use DTS to interact with my users on an ASP page so they could upload a textfile containing their data. I guess that will not be possible. So let's take this a step back and prepare all the necessary information on the ASP pages and then feed DTS with the results. I imagine that there would be a way to call DTS and feeding it variables from ASP.

I could for instance send a comma delimited string containing the sequence of fields that will be updated by the textfile.

Does anybody have an idea what the code for this (calling DTS and passing a variable) would look like (in ASP and on SQL)?

I realize this is not a question that can be answered very quickly, but maybe it will help a lot of people. It would certainly help me ;-)

Urs Stettler, Switzerland