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    Unanswered: Export / Import in Oracle


    I am having Oracle 7.3.4 database which is 45GB and running in Sun enterprise 3000 , 2 GB RAM. Can anyone tell me with your experience ...

    1. How much time the import of database will take ?

    2. I am planning to export the table to oracle 9i database in another server of same configuration. How long the export would take.

    thanks for you help

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    the export is the fastest if you run export with direct=y recordlength=65000

    but import will possibly last 45 min for every GB. And then it is best
    to import with indexes=n
    and make the redologs as large as you can to avoid many log switches.
    after the job has finished loading the rows and primary indexes you can submit a job to build the indexes in parallel and no logging - therefore it necessary to manipulate the generated file for the indexes with an sed command to replace the string logging with nologging parallel

    hope this helps


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    > the export is the fastest if you run export with direct=y

    Just so you know: I have done exports on an Oracle 7.3.4/SCO-Unix V5 system and these exports were dramatically slower with the "direct=y" option. With "direct=n" speed was about 15 min./GB. I did not pursue this any further at the time.

    Ad Dieleman.

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