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    Unhappy Unanswered: internal error

    I have installed oracle 9i (9.0.1) on a windows 2000 server computer.

    during the installation i have set it to build a database automaticaly (universal database).

    the installation is ok but when it create the database i get the following error :

    ORA-01041 internal error hostdef does not exist.

    i have gone the the oracle web site and they tell us to contact the oracle support services..... no solution.

    when i go to the windows service screen, only the followin services are running. :


    I Can't run any admin because everytime i get the same error.

    I try to see some log file and in the following : sqlnet.log i get this error :

    Fatal NI connect error 12631

    this is really weird..... does someone can help me....

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    problem corrected

    OK... I have found the problem so I will post the solution because nowhere on the internet I found it.

    In your sqlnet.ora file , you must make the following changes


    to :


    and then you will be able to access your database or create one.


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