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    Unanswered: Selecting Replication Type

    Hi ,

    We have an application running in Sanjose.
    Its being accessed in SJ, chennai and pune.
    Mostly its slow and sometimes we are not able
    to access the app when the network is down.
    We have decided to db replication in chennai.
    I read the few articles on choosing replication type.
    But I am not able to choose the best replication
    type for us.

    we need to consider 2 things
    1. db updation is very frequent.
    2. we should able to work even when the network(between
    US and india office) is down.

    we are using SQL Server 2000

    Looking fwd to get some input on this.

    Thanks in advance


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    I would recomend that you go with Merge Replication. This will allow you to make updates on either SQL Server. After the Replication is setup, schedule to job to restart every 5 minutes. That way if the network connection is lost the link will be restarted once the network comes back up, and the data updated in both databases.

    Also, be sure to use a seperate server for the Distributer. It costs a little more money for the extra server, and SQL license, but it will same you some headaches later.

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    Thanks for the reply. What is the difference between merge replication
    and qued updating. Most of the time all the sites are connected.
    Should we go with merge or qued updating.

    thanks again


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