We use an Access 2002 application under Windows 98 Second Edition, having linked tables linked to an Oracle 7.3.4 database using Oracle7 ODBC V2.5. We have two kinds of erratically occurring errors:

1) When using a form sometimes "#Removed#" occurs in the fields of the form after having done an addition of a record. When refreshing the contents of the form, all data appear to be OK. When this #Removed# occurs, a check with Oracle SQL*Plus also reveals that the data is correctly inserted in the database.

2) When doing a lot of operations in two simultaneously opened form, switching between them, Access sometimes comes up with error 3420, which is ridiculous in this case. Mostly this error keeps occurring, so that you have to terminate Access by Ctrl-Alt-Delete, sometimes Access crashes (Invalid operation).

I have tried to update to the latest Office update (SP2 etc.), Windows 98 updates, MDAC 2.7 RTM, without any results.

Anyone any idea what can be wrong?

Ad Dieleman.