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    Unanswered: Moving databases between same version of Oracle


    I am new to Oracle so DBA's please forgive me if this question sound too silly for you.

    How to move the databases from one Oracle 9i machine to another Oracle 9i machine.(OS version is same in both machine). Is it possible to get the database working by copying datafiles,Logfiles,Control files and parameter file from one machine to another machine. Please let me know the procedure.


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    Re: Moving databases between same version of Oracle

    Yes, you can move databases between machines.
    Make sure OS and Oracle-Version are the same!
    If all paths are identical you can simply copy the files, set ORACLE_SID and startup the database.
    if you change paths you have to do a ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE '/full/path/and/filename' TO '/new/full/path/and/filename'; in MOUNT status for all datafiles and redo-logfiles.
    Just take care of some spread files like oratab, start/stop-scripts etc.

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