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    Red face Unanswered: Maximizer 5 and Terminal Clients

    Hello Everyone

    This question has probably been asked before but here we go anyways.

    I have a Windows 2000 Server running terminal sessions and Maximizer 5 running on a windows 2000 Pro box. When I login with the first user through terminal server there is no problem. As soon as the second user tries to login a get btrieve errors. It will not let the second user access the database.

    Question: Will pervasive allow for multiple users via terminal sessions ?

    Question: Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did they do about it.

    Thanks for any help in this.

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    Cool Re: Maximizer 5 and Terminal Clients

    Hi there,

    I've got Maximizer 5.0 running on TS before,

    Drop me a mail Nick.Welburn "AT" if you want to talk Maximizer. I'm sure we can help you out.


    Nick Welburn
    CABC Technical Support Manager

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